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Ward Boundary Review | Invitation to participate

At the request of City Council, the Ward Boundary Commission is seeking input from community stakeholders and Edmonton residents to support the development of a set of recommendations regarding the design of municipal electoral ward boundaries.

Edmonton is divided into twelve electoral wards, each represented by a City Councillor. Wards are designed using the criteria outlined in the Ward Boundary Design Policy (City Policy 469A). As described in the Policy Statement, “clear, distinct and easily identifiable ward boundaries are essential to the municipal election process. Ward boundary design should also respect the democratic principle of “one-person, one-vote” by striving to keep ward populations substantially equal.”

Significant residential development has led to population increases in some areas of the city. In January, 2019, land was annexed from Leduc County and the City of Beaumont, extending the municipal boundary south. These changes mean that the existing boundaries of some wards may no longer align with the criteria described in the Ward Boundary Design Policy.

In June, 2019, City Council established a Ward Boundary Commission, the first in Edmonton’s history, to conduct a comprehensive review of the current ward boundary structure and Ward Boundary Design Policy. The Commission will submit a report to City Council in 2020, providing a set of recommendations that could lead to adjustments to the existing boundaries and amendments to the Design Policy.

The Review is entering a broader phase of public engagement. A dedicated project website, involved.edmonton.ca/wardreview, provides information on the Review and outlines the opportunities for community stakeholders to share their advice and feedback with the Commission.

An online survey, available on the Review web page, invites participants to:

The survey will remain open until January 19th, 2020.

Drop-in public engagement sessions begin this week. The full schedule can be found on involved.edmonton.ca/wardreview. These sessions offer an opportunity to review the mapping concepts, provide feedback, and discuss the project with Commission members, and project facilitators and administrators. As valued stakeholders, we hope to see you there.

If you would like further information, please contact wardboundaryreview@edmonton.ca.

Sincerely, Jared Wesley
Chair, Ward Boundary Commission

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