Neighbourhood Revitalization

McCauley is the location of one of the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Revitalization Programs.  More information about the program, its intended outcomes, and how to get involved can be found here: McCauley Revitalization

“As one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods and named after Edmonton’s first mayor, McCauley is located just north-east of the downtown core. Bordered by adjacent neighbourhoods Boyle Street, Central McDougall, Cromdale, Parkdale, Alberta Avenue and Spruce Avenue, McCauley offers a unique historic and multicultural experience.

McCauley Neighbourhood Vision

“We are proud of McCauley as a vibrant, safe, colourful and diverse neighbourhood. As we plan for its growth, we are guided by principles of sustainability, inclusivity, preservation and beauty. At the same time — with gusto — we embrace ideas of community connectedness and vitality for all those who walk our sidewalks, reside in our homes, work and shop in our businesses and are cared for in our neighbourhood.”

McCauley’s Revitalization Goals